First of all most people are probably asking what is virtualization.  Wikipedia defines it as: “… the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something in the area of computing, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources”.  Basically it means is you can make a copy of your old computer, put it on another newer computer, and run it as a separate operating system like an application.

Well, why would you even want to virtualize your computer?  Is the software old, is it running on old slower hardware, is there software applications installed and setup that will only run on older operating systems, and/or is this needed for archiving purposes?  Companies will virtualize operating system so they can utilize their hardware more effectively, create testing environments, the entire operating platform can be moved from one computer to another fairly easily, and the amount of processing power and ram can be easily modified.

There are numerous ways and programs to virtualize computers.  I personally believe the best product at this current time is VMware.    Now in order for you to virtualize a computer you first need an application to run the virtual environment.  If this is for your personal usage I would either suggest VMware Workstation or VMware Player.  The setups for these programs are fairly simple. If you are a company I would purchase a fairly high end server and run VMware Vsphere.  The settings for Vsphere should be setup by a knowledgeable IT person who has used and setup the product previously.  Please note that any time you are running a virtual on a computer system you are also utilizing it’s processor and memory.  Please make sure what ever computer is going to run this software has enough horsepower to run both the operating systems.  VMware Vsphere is a light weight operating system that runs as the operating systems on server.

The process of virtualizing is fairly easy if you are using a product called VMware Converter.   You can virtualize almost any type of operating system too.  First it asks what computer you want to virtualize and then where do you want to run the virtual system.  Once it is done, you can turn your old system off and turn on your new virtual operating system.

Congratulations you are now entering into the virtual world.  If this was helpful or you have any suggestions please let me know.