When most people think of computers they usually think about what operating system they want to use.  Am I going to use Windows or Mac?  There are more operating systems then these two, but those are usually for the more technical users.  So then the question is, why limit your self to one operating system?  What if you could put both operating systems on one computer? Surprisingly enough you can put both operating systems on one computer.  The technical term for this is called “dual boot”.  Basically it means when the computer is booting up, you will now have the option to boot the computer up into either operating systems.

The dual boot can be done either way now days.  This means you can buy a regular PC with Windows and then put the Mac operating system on it or vice versa.  Most PC hardware manufacturers are not going to support putting a Mac operating system on their hardware, though.  Over the years there are many instructions on how to install the Mac OS onto a PC.  The instructions are all from other technical people who have been able to get the software onto to the computer, but they all vary.   I’m also not 100% the Mac OS will work on all PC hardware platforms, due to driver issues.

Mac‘s philosophy is to keep control of what hardware their operating system will be used on.  This allows them to tightly integrate their software to work at it’s full potential with the very specific hardware.  This also means their entire system will be more stable, but it also limits where it can be used.  Windows went the complete opposite direction.  Windows wanted consumers to put the software on any hardware.  This allows consumers a wider range of products, but also allowed the possibility of more issues (blue screen of death).

Apple supports putting the Windows operating system on to their hardware.  They even have instructions on how to dual boot the system.  The main options are either select what operating system you want from the time of boot up or integrate both into one operating system.  The software required for this is called Parallels.  If I was going to dual boot a system and I have, I would suggest purchasing a Mac computer then putting the Windows OS onto it.

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