Microsoft Windows uses keyboard and mouse inputs to find and start programs. The default setup for Windows is to have all the programs under one main location.  Under the main location you have to search numerous folders and sometimes sub-folders to see available programs.  To access this list you first have to select the “Start” button or the new Windows icon.  From this point on it is a guessing game to find the program.  This can be time consuming, tedious, and monotonous.

To help the users out windows allows program start-up shortcuts on their desktop.  For those who don’t know, the desktop is the main background screen seen when you first log into windows.  The shortcuts help speed up the process of looking for your program, but with a cost.  First, it starts to clutter up your back ground picture (not a big deal).  Second, you are limited with the amount of screen space to create shortcuts.  As the amount of shortcuts grow, the time to find the shortcut also grows.  I know of a user that has filled up one monitor with shortcuts and is now starting to fill up a second monitor.

Why can’t you just start typing in the name of the program and have windows find the program?  A co-worker suggested a free application called Executor, which is a windows only based program.  One nice thing is this Windows based program can be started using customizable keyboard quick keys.

Once Executor is started, just start typing in the name of the program you want to run.  It starts to find your desired program from your first letter.  The more letters you type into it the more accurate the search becomes to find the program.   Once the program is on the list, just arrow down to it and press enter.  Now you found your program and it starts running. 

The program has limited learning capabilities too!   The more you select a program the higher it will be on the next search.  The best thing about this program is you are now making the computer find the program you want!  Why not make the computer work for you, not against you?