Do you have multiple windows based computers and monitors, but you want to control them all from one keyboard and mouse?  Do you want to be able to copy and paste from one computer to another, just by right clicking on your mouse and copying your clipboard contents from one computer to the other computer?  Want to be able to lock multiple computers when one computer is locked?   Luckily enough there is a free program called Input Director that will perform these actions and more!

The basic premise is you have one master computer that has the keyboard and mouse.  Theremaining computers you want to control are its slaves.  In order for the master to communicate to the slave systems, all systems will need to be on the same network.  The network communicaiton between the units can be setup using encryption if this is deemed an issue.   The master configuration allows you to show where the slave computers are in relation to their respective physical location.  This allows you to move the mouse from computer to another, just by moving the mouse toward the other computers monitor.

The setup isn’t to bad, but it does takes some time to figure out which setting are required on the different computers.  First deteremine what computer is going to have the keyboard and mouse.  This will become the master all the others are slaves.  Make the changes for your master computer under the master tab and the slaves on their repsective tab.  I found this program to be very helpful when I am trying to muli-task and also us the computer power of multiple computers for numerous different programs.

The drawback is this application can only be used on windows based platforms.  There are other programs that allow you to perform some of the basic features as Input Director,but they can be limited.  Luckily enough I am no longer testing/using multiple operating systems, so this made my choice for program a lot simplier.  If you are using multiple operating platforms I would suggest initially trying Synergy.